Community Activist: Bill Prentice

photo of Bill Prentice

Bill Prentice

As part of the research process, we have been interviewing local community activists from across Midlothian. These will continue until the end of the project in and the recordings, films and transcripts will be placed in the new Dalkeith Museum for use by schools , community groups and members of the public.

Bill Prentice set up the Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Seniors Forum in 1999. It was initially set up to provide help and information to 5 affiliated groups of elderly people. The Forum went on to set up a daily shopping service for elderly people in Bonnyrigg. The dual purpose was to assist elderly people and support local shops. Bill is the Secretary of the Forum, and the Chair of the Bonnyrigg Seniors Social Club.


“…. thanks to fact I was watching a programme on television and it was amazing, amazing in that part of the world in this place called Southhall.  They started off with neighbourly care where elderly persons knocked on each other’s doors.  It’s amazing what that became.  Ultimately, they had their own premises and they raised £650,000 which was incredible.

That gave me something to think about.  I thought “We’ll try the same here.”   … “


You can see Bill’s interview on the video shown on the “Community Activism in Midlothian” page.