Community Activist: Fiona Wallace

photo of Fiona Wallace

Fiona Wallace

As part of the research process, we have been interviewing local community activists from across Midlothian. These will continue until the end of the project and the recordings, films and transcripts will be placed in the new Dalkeith Museum for use by schools, community groups and members of the public.

Fiona Wallace sits on the board of directors for People 1st Scotland for Midlothian. People 1st is an organisation ran by and for people with learning difficulties with support from staff. There are 5 groups in Midlothian.


 What are People 1st hoping to achieve?

“We want people with learning difficulties to have the same freedom, choices, dignity and control as everybody else at home, at work and in the community.   We believe we have a right to the support we need to take part in society and live an ordinary life as anyone else.  We want to be fully included in all areas in our lives and to be treated as equal citizens.”

Why did you get involved with People 1st?

“I got involved with People 1st to get a better life for people like me.”

You can see an extract of the interview below: