Community Activist: Mary Webb

photo of Mary Webb

Mary Webb


As part of the research process, we have been interviewing local community        activists from across Midlothian.    These will continue until the end of the project in and the recordings, films and transcripts will be placed in the new Dalkeith   Museum for use by schools , community groups and members of the public.

Mary Webb has been an activist in Gorebridge for many years.   Mary started with  Gorebridge Good neighbours and the Birkenside Club, both of which have been going for about 40 years.   Mary is the founder of the Gorebridge Over 50s Forum and set up the Gorebridge Community Café, amongst   other activities.


“…..We called it the Over 50s Forum.  The simple reason was there was lots of things up in Gorebridge for over 60s, but 50s seem to be that age you were too old to do younger things, but not old enough to go.  So we started the over 50s forum with the help from the MVA.  Our forum is really wonderful.  We meet once a month in our church hall.  They get a nice tea.  It’s mostly just to get them out.  And we have our councillors come and talk.  Our MP comes.”


You can see Mary’s interview on the video shown on the “Community Activism in Midlothian” page.