Community Activist: Rosemary Marwick

photo of Rosemary Marwick

Rosemary Marwick


As part of the research process, we have been interviewing local community activists from across Midlothian.    These will continue until the end of the project in and the recordings, films and transcripts will be placed in the new Dalkeith   Museum for use by schools , community groups and members of the public.

Rosemary Marwick was with the Girl Guides for many years.   She was heavily involved with the setting up of the Howgate Village Hall and continues to be involved with the Hall and   other activities in Howgate.   Rosemary was   also involved in the setting up of Midlothian Voluntary Action (MVA).


“I came in at the very beginning of the setting up of MVA and I was representing the Girl Guides.  I’ve represented them all the years I was connected with the guides, now it’s Howgate Village Hall that I’m with.”


You can see Rosemary’s interview on the video shown on the “Community Activism in Midlothian” page.