Community Activists: Margot Russell

photo of Margot Russell

Councillor Margot Russell


As part of the research process, we have been interviewing local community activists from across Midlothian.    These will continue until the end of the project and the recordings, films and transcripts will be placed in the new Dalkeith   Museum for use by schools, community groups and members of the public.

Margot Russell is a Midlothian Councillor (Dalkeith Ward No. 3) but has also been a community activist for a long time.  She set up and is involved with the Bill Russell Woodburn Youth Project (founded in memory of her late husband) and has also been active in the Dalkeith Old People’s  Welfare Committee for many years.   Margot was involved in community activism during the Miners Strike of 1984/85 as a miner’s wife.


You can see an interview with Margot Russell talking about her experiences as an activist during the 1984/85 Miners Strike here