Community Activists

As part of our project we interviewed a number of community activists in Midlothian. We also interviewed some people who have supported activists in Midlothian and elsewhere. There are many many people in Midlothian who have done, and are doing, great things in and for their communities – unfortunately we cannot interview them all (simply not enough time) but we hope that you enjoy finding out about the people we have managed to interview. We hope to interview some more activists in the future – so please come back and have another look, there may be more people for you to find out about!

Many thanks to those people we interviewed for giving up their precious time and allowing us to film and/or record them.

Our interviewees were:

Gordon Clayton

Robert Hogg

Rosemary Marwick

Alasdair Mathers

Bill Prentice

Margot Russell

Judy Strong

Fiona Wallace

Mary Webb


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