Sewing The Banner

When the design had been agreed the National Mining Museum very kindly offered space in the Memorial Centre to be used for putting the banner together.  Julia Barton, artist, invited community groups to join her to help with printing and sewing.

Wonderful groups from Crystalmount Sheltered housing; Woodburn Day Care Club (volunteers); and Girl Guiding Midlothian attended and did lots of stitching.  Some were experienced sewers, others had never sewn before but learned quickly and did a great job.

There was a forced delay in sewing the banner due to technical problems at the printer so it was decided to use some of the words printed during the design process to make a large display tablecloth as well as the banner.

Here is a video of some of the great Woodburn Day Care Club volunteers stitching the tablecloth and making decorative cord (in the back of the video)

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